Yoga therapy training

It is a system which delves into people through body, mind, and spirit to allow the restoration of health awareness and learning from our own evolution. We present the first formation of therapeutic Yoga which performs APYTA (Spanish Association of therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda) in the Valencian Community. Marta Lopez writes.


I already have seven years involved in this whole world of yoga and alternative therapies and I always had to travel to other provinces, not always close, in order to receive the information that wanted to find.

In the interior of the province of Alicante, there is a large movement of people interested in these issues and I thought it was time of "bring the mountain to Muhammad, in place of Mahoma went mountain". So, taking advantage of the opening of the center of Integral, The Qum, training located in Muro de Alcoy (Alicante), I decided to get in touch with the Director of the Escuela Española de Yoga therapy, Noelia Pachecoto suggest bring this training to Alicante.

And this has been how the desire for further education in an exciting world for me, together with the power to do so without effort having to scroll continuously, has generated this wonderful opportunity.

It is a training in which you try to train and raise awareness, Perhaps that could be the motto of the formation. The purpose is to lead students on a path of self from a holistic point of view, integrating all being. The person who carries out the training will have the opportunity to learn from their own experience then, helped the tools that provides yoga, can transmit it to others.

What you'll get with the training?

The Professor of medicine Ayurveda and Yoga therapy you will be trained to act, on the functions of prevention and treatment, on the following points:

  • Learning about Anatomy and human physiology, knowing adapt asanas, pranayamas etc. at all times for proper development in a class.
  • Harmonization of the doshas of the consultant, and thus restore the energy balance of the person, in the resolution of complaints and diseases.
  • Complementary therapy, such as psychology and sound.
  • In general, increasing the expectations of students and patients at a physical level mental and spiritual life.

This training is aimed at people who want to get into the knowledge of Yoga, yoga instructors who want to expand their knowledge in anatomy, instructors of Pilates wishing to complement their training, health professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers) who want to expand their education and have tools that give them a differential factor with that approach and treat their patients ,… In general it is intended for anyone who wants to grow, both personally and professionally.

Could dwell more on the benefits they can provide you with the training, but perhaps it is better that you come to the orientation session we have prepared the next 30/06/16-19:00. You will have the opportunity to make your questions to the Director of the school APYTA, Noelia Pacheco, and enjoy a Master Class.

The APYTA and the therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda school belong to the current national federations representing the yoga in our country:

  • the FEYP (Yoga Professional Federation)
  • the FEDEFY (Federation of entities forming of Yoga)

Students will get a serious training endorsed by representative entities in legal terms, and will be covered in the new law of professional certifications.

For more information you can get in contact with us at the following addresses:

The Qum. c / Josep bonus, 8 wall of Alcoy. Alicante

Desiree Pascual: 691 35 72 72 T;

Marta Lopez: 661 74 42 31 T;

Marta Lopez. Dynamic Yoga teacher, formed with José Luis Cabezas and Godfrey Deveraux.
Mindfulness teacher by the Association RespiraVida Breathworks

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