Withdrawals from September and October 2016, updated Guide

They are a holiday option for find us (instead of getting lost), cultivating the fullness of body, mind and spirit in nature. So every year they have more success. Here is a selection of yoga retreats, in coexistence with people related and completed with inspiring and varied activities. They are arranged in chronological order.

Yoga sea

Hiking and meditation in the Dolomites Alps

From 14 to 18 September

Where: Alps Dolomites (Italy)

Discover the side most authentic and wild of the Dolomites in a unique experience in contact with nature and local culture.

The course is given by:

-Enrique Moya Hernando, Professor of yoga since 1975, director of the Center for yoga Yantra of Malaga and Honorary President of the Andalusian Institute of Yoga

-Cristina Moya Sevillano, Professor of the accredited by - TAB and psychologist Feldenkrais method.

Price: €540 double room and €580 single room - all inclusive

Reservations and information:dolominds@cadorehub.com

Removal in islas Cíes

16-18 September

Where: Islas Cíes

An initiative to promote the candidacy of them Islands Cíes as heritage of the humanity and give to know an activity so motivating and necessary as is the yoga.

The Natural Park is a unique setting where to enjoy contact with nature and enjoy a unique experience.

Price: €290 / Pax registration in shared tent (double purchase €580) with double registration. €390 / Pax registration in single tent.

Teachers: Tarik Van Prehn and Lea Perfetti

Inscriptions in T 653 822 072

More information: www.yogacies.com

Removal of kundalini yoga, chi kung and meditation

16-18 September

Where: Arenas de San Pedro (Gredos)

During a weekend, come to disconnect in a privileged location in the sierra de Gredos. We will practice kundalini yoga, chi kung and meditation. There will be times for estar Contigo mismx, to be silent, to share, take a walk and relax. If you book before Aug. 25, you will have a discount!

More information: https://akaljotiyoga.wordpress.com

Yoga and meditation retreat 'focus'

17-18 September (input the Friday 16 to the sunset)

Where: Farmhouse in the Vall de Llémena (Girona)

In September, is important give is a space of introspection to prepare it for the course. In this retreat will learn techniques of kundalini yoga, meditation and food healthy. Also will make trips by the nature, baths in the river. This retreat will allow us to prepare the body for the temperatures down, strengthen the immune system, keep the inner calm, concentration and the vision to the realization of your projects, goals and dreams.

Food vegetarian-vegan nutritionally balanced and adapted to the change of season. Option without gluten for intolerant.

Precio-alimentacion: € 200 (€ 180 if the registration is made before September 5)

Registration: Anant Tek (Laia) anantekaur@gmail.com / T 649-621-030

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/178195855925708/

Removal ancestral medicines

19-25 September

Where: Mallorca

To book square both in the removal as for the ceremonies or therapies, need that confirm your assistance by means of the payment full or of the 50% of the offer special for this event. We ask you, please, to confirm what us as soon as possible or with a maximum period of 5 days before the start of the withdrawal. So, help us to organize groups. You enclose all the necessary documents so that you can learn more about each therapy or healing and you can choose which suits you:

  • 7days of retiro+tienda of campaign: 600€
  • 7 days + accommodation hostel 600€ + €33 per person and day
  • Assistance by spending the day in the removal and enjoy of the place and therapies (price to part): 6€.
  • Ceremony Kambo: cycle full (3sesiones): 170€ / 1 session: 60€.
  • Ceremony Ayahuasca: 1 ceremony: 120€ / 2 ceremonies: 220€
  • Meditative concert at sunset Sun on the cliffs (Friday 23) or vegetarian paella Sunday (25): €6.
  • Eat or dine in menu-catering offer special Bio-restaurant vegan Treff, with a day of advance (price by confirm).

Book therapy alternative:

  • Reiki, minimum session 45 min.: €25
  • Aura of pendulum Hebrew cleaning: €30
  • Reflexology, massage Thai with oil and sports: 50 min € 30 / 80 min €50.
  • Gong bath: €10
  • Tai Chi Chuan and morning meditations: confirmation by email or facebook, free assistance.

Removal of yoga and nature

From the 23 to the 25 of September

Where: Lastiesas high naturist Posada. Street only s/n 22713 high Lastiesas (Huesca)

We will celebrate this yoga retreat and nature in a place get magic, outside the city, where to find the calm, free from stress, return to nosotr@s mism@s and acquire a good level of yoga practice.

Is a practice intended to all / as those audiences; It adapts to all people, they have practiced yoga before or not.

The retreat will begin the same Friday 23 to the evening. We will meet in the round room about 7 pm in the afternoon the people you can reach this time, and will make a sadhana (practice) junt@s until 20:30 h, a way to meet and start to connect in the group. If not you can go to this practice of the Friday to the afternoon, can get to your rhythm to them stiff high when can. You can see the site quietly and go to the place the Friday night; either get the Saturday to the tomorrow to start with all the group to first hour of the Saturday. Both the Saturday as the Sunday there will be practice by it tomorrow and by the afternoon (the Sunday not will finish very afternoon so can all return to our homes with time)

Is reserved spaces of time of leisure and rest personal, in which can take advantage of to rest, meditate, practice, stroll by the environment or enjoy of what feel and also of what offers the posada naturist.

They are also a mini vacation, a time to unwind from your routine, enjoy it as you feel, through the calm and the mountain air!.

During all the removal them meals that we offer from the posada (posada vegetarian) will be centered in the debugging of toxins of our body. Fruits, vegetables and first quality meals, along with teas that will help us regulate our body. Provide you the energy you need (is not to eat less) and at the same time will help your internal organs work better. You will feel better.

Price: 160 €. Material: Mat, blanket, and comfortable clothes. Water and food to nibble between meals

Contact: contacto@amaraomyoga.com / 686 920 537

More information: www.amaraomyoga.com

Weekend "Disconnects" Yoga-meditacion - nature

23-25 September

Where: Masia sea oak-Villahermosa del Río (Castellón)

He objective of this weekend is rest and devote this time to disconnect from the routine daily and be with one same. All activities are voluntary and the program is suitable both if you start you in the practice of yoga as if you already play it. This weekend is will introduce to them participating in different techniques of meditation for each person experience what is which best is adapts to its idiosyncrasy. You can practice different styles of yoga and experience its benefits in an environment charming in full heart of the mountains of the Peñagolosa, with a power balanced, delicious and healthy. Also we will have a workshop of kitchen healthy taught by Isabel and Alberto owners of farmhouse sea of the oak.

It organizes: Association OM Dhara Yoga.

Price: €185

Contact: info@omdharayoga.com / Tel: 675 44 27 44

You can see the video of the retreat organized in July: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MRyUwOjOH4

More information: www.omdharayoga.com

Removal of Lu Jong

24-25 September

Where: Cortijo Chus Santi House, Banahadux (Almeria)

Tibetan yoga of healing. Two days for weighting and feel the benefits of this beautiful practice milenaris

It teaches: Laura Sánchez, a teacher certified by the Lama Tulku Lobsang

Price:170 € (50€ booking before the 22 of September)

Reservations: 650 13 87 13

Intensive Yoga & female rhythms

From September 28 to October 3

Where: OmShanti Granollers

A week to get into the female cycles and present listening to our bodies and their rhythms from Yoni Yoga practice.

In this intensive will deepen on the journey of being women, honoring the space of our wombs, embracing all that we are in the present, inviting our hearts to share among equals and give ourselves to listening and Tuning with the internal rhythms from a loving, female yoga practice and in harmony with our cyclical nature.

A journey of self-discovery and deep connection with yourself and all the women who make up the mandala of your life.

The intensive will be residential to reconnect with the ancient wisdom of the circle of women and offer the possibility to immerse yourself fully in a wonderful process of self-discovery, relaxation and self-care.

Facilitate: Gabriela Angueira and Agustina Heredia. Co-creadoras and directors of women increased. Yoga teachers specializing in Yoga for women, Doulas and menstrual therapists.

More information: http://www.mujercreciente.com/intensivo-%C2%B7-1-semana/

Escape of yoga and nutrition

From 30 September to 2 October

Where: Canet d'Adri Masia Gros de Can Roca, Girona

You like to spend a weekend depurative, nutritive and energy in nature, combining the practice of yoga and meditation with healthy, natural and organic food shops? Does time you want to make a change in your lifestyle and not just take the next step?

You propose a getaway to a beautiful and quiet farmhouse near Girona, where can learn some guidelines useful for your day to day that you help to eliminate habits little healthy e incorporate others new, more aware, that affect positively to your life, to it of the others and to the environment.

Practice yoga (styles Hatha Vinyasa and Yin Yoga), exercises of breathing and meditation to feel our body more strong and flexible and reaching levels more high's energy and concentration mental.

We will know more about the benefits of eating fresh, grown in the most natural way possible, nutritional and vegetarian food, cooked simply to preserve its nutrients and facilitate digestion. We will learn to listen them needs of our body and avoid it toxic, what it sick and what not can digest properly.

Laura Ruiz and Nuria Martrat.

Contact: Nuria: nuria.martrat@gmail.com-695 81 81 86

Yoga Retreat: the tradition of Krishnamacharya

14-16 October

Where: SENA de Luna, Natural Park of Babia y Luna (León)

Removal takes place in a small town in Western mountain, Sena de Luna, within the Natural Park of Babia and Moon and the reserve of the biosphere of Valles de Omaña y Luna. The magical tranquillity of the environment makes it an ideal place to pause, rest and enjoyment, creating a comprehensive and very transforming experience.

On this occasion we will practice the Yoga of Krishnamacharya in the teachings that develop his direct disciples. Sri T. Sribhashyam traditional Yoga or Yoga Vinyasa Krama from Srivatsa Ramaswami, the Yoga Ashtanga of Pattabhi Jois.

The essential principle of the Krishnamacharya yoga is the use of breath during practice. For Krishnnamcharya, pranayama is the best yogic procedure for controlling the mind, and as he said "you don't accelerate the rhythm of your breath".

This fantastic retreat is housed in the building that was the old school of the village, today The Posada Real Moon days. It has been renovated with an exquisite mimo, Sole and Gerardo, taking care to maintain love space and filling it with your know-how make.

You can enjoy the softness of autumn, awakening with the morning song of the birds, the freshness of the mountain air, the smell of the Prairies while you walk along its countless trails...

Teaches: Oscar Montero, specialized in the teachings of yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. He has translated the Manual práctico de Yoga Vinyasa Krama. It is student from Srivatsa Ramaswami of Sri T. Sribhashyam (youngest son of Krishnamacharya), teachers whose distinctive feature is that they only learned yoga of Krishnamacharya, so teaching has remained faithful to his master

Contact: T 661325425 / oscar@yogavinyasakrama.com

More information: www.yogavinyasakrama.com

Yoga Retreat

From 21 to 23 October

Where: a village in Guadalajara

Do Yoga in a beautiful village in Guadalajara, accompanied by a beautiful walk, live music, vegetarian food and hosted in a wonderful rural house where beauty and tranquility is your greatest exponenente, makes it unique.

With live music by Fernando Díez

Organised by: Mayte Aguado (Maheshwari) pranayoguini@gmail.com

More information: http://yogaconmaheshwari.wixsite.com/hathayoga/retiros-de-yoga

Removal of silence and full consciousness directed by Thay Doji, disciple of Thich Nhat Hanh

Of the 28 of October to the 1 of November

Where: Hospederia Nuestra Señora del Villar Crta. of Fitero s/n, Corella (Navarra)

Price: €260 (carried out before the day nscripciones 30/09/2016), €280 after

It organizes: Practitioners from Plum village Sangha

Contacts and information: Rosa T 941 147613 and 608 484149 / Luis luis.delval@yahoo.es

More information: https://tnhspain.org/

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