Summer school Yoga Sivananda: Yoga adapted to every age and physical condition

This school of summer is an opportunity very special to deepen and complete your training as Professor or teacher of yoga and enjoy of a week of coexistence, teachings, health and joy in Madrid (Zaragoza), of the 26 of August to the 4 of September.


In the summer school will be held four certified courses on topics that currently have taken much interest in the yoga community. It is an excellent way to continue our education. In addition, each two day conferences and meditations with Swami Sivadasananda, much practice of asanas and of pranayama and excellent food vegetarian.

The school of summer is open to all those teachers of yoga that want to renew both their practice personal as their technical of teaching. A unique opportunity to share a few days with teachers from different places, reaffirming the knowledge of Yoga and Vedanta, broadening the perspective of teaching, the yogic sadhana and sharing experiences under the spiritual guidance of our teachers. Meditations and lectures with Swami Sivadasananda.

Adapted to every age and fitness Yoga

When: August 31 to September 2

Nadapriya and Yashoda, teachers of the Course "Yoga adapted to every age and physical condition", answer to the questions of YogaenRed.

Question: do you why think that it is important to adapt the practice of yoga to everyone?

The Sutra 1.64 of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika reminds us of:

"Any person that practice actively yoga,"
already be young or old,
or even very old,
unhealthy or weak,
You can become a siddha (Advanced Yogi)."

Swami Sivananda always highlighted that "the Yoga is suitable for everyone, is universal." And do so taking into account their status as doctor and connoisseur of the limitations that the body and the mind can influence the human being.

Also his disciple, Swami Vishnudevananda, taught that "health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness, Yoga shows the way".

The yoga is a road for all that that wants to get health, harmony and happiness, under any condition physical, age or time vital.

So anyone can get to experiencing yoga, it is often necessary to make changes in practice to avoid an excessive demand to anatomical systems, instead of driving us to the desired state of equilibrium of health, lead to a deterioration of our quality of life.

Using a proper breathing and develop flexibility, strength, vitality, and consciousness through a practice watchful, careful, respectful and adapted to the physical and mental condition of each moment, the goal will be reached.

Is important that the Professor of yoga remember what are them resources materials and human of which have to perform this practice, as well as the adaptations of them exercises of warming and mobilizations articular, them variations or adaptations of them asanas chords to the range of movement particular of who practice.

There are hundreds of resources on postural habits humane eating to help people of all ages and physical conditions to rejuvenate their bodies, revitalize and calm their minds and experience the peace and joy of the soul through yoga.

Learn resources and exercises that are best suited to people who are interested in the practice of yoga and require adaptations for reasons of age or physical condition.

Question: what you like to do understand teachers participating in the program?

A good goal would be to realize that in reality all we should adapt our practice to our present life circumstances, in our day to day.

Already in the first steps of Ashtanga Yoga appears the principle of nonviolence, ahimsa, not only toward others, if but also towards yourself, which shows without a doubt that the continuous adaptation of the sadhana, or practice, is necessary.

More so when it's people who are reduced or restricted mobility for reasons as diverse as:

  • the age,
  • disease,
  • the dysfunction organic,
  • those disorders psychological,
  • convalescence,
  • surgical interventions,
  • medical treatments,
  • the rehabilitation after trauma or injury,
  • post-partum,
  • menopause.

Only a physical demand adapted to current capabilities and real person reservations will guarantee a safe and effective practice that will finally lead to yoga, whose purpose not is convert is in a "contortionist" capable of performing postures (asanas) impossible and showy, but get to connect with our being from the present location, from the acceptance of who we are and where are to advance in the road right of the balance.

A correct and conscious breathing in a simple asana can lead us further that maintain a posture Queen for ten minutes.

Objectives of the course

  • Learn to adapt Asana classes so that people with physical limitations (by old age or in process of rehabilitation after diseases, injury, or surgery) to practice careful, safe and effective.
  • Learn how to rejuvenate body and soul thanks to yoga to people of all ages and vital States
  • Select the content and the schedule in the classes adapted.
  • Select special in the adaptation of classes teaching resources and techniques.

More information and reservations at:
Centre international de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta of Madrid. T 913615150

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