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Do better reading than a good story full of sense? This you are presenting today is one of the 29 that form the book Why fate put this book in your hands, written by Chema Vilchez, who has had the courtesy to share exclusively with the readers of YogaenRed.


They were ten in the evening, an hour that polling stations had closed its doors and the vote count was completed.

The candidate received many congratulations. All were hugs and congratulations, cheers and laughter. Your family and closest friends, colleagues and party colleagues surrounded him. Surveys and the latest poll indicated that he had won the elections and would be President.

Certainly the situation in the country was not the best, indeed, poverty had spread everywhere and social split was evident. Unemployment reached dimensions unknown, dragging the discouragement to women and men. Social inequalities had increased, financial institutions were living a deep crisis and corruption sprinkled all walks of life. Nothing foreshadowed that soon the circumstances could improve with his victory.

At the headquarters of the party of joy signs brushed the drunk. Days earlier that there many speculated already with their new positions and influence in the next Government. Envilecidos of greed, some are rubbed their hands waiting for a Ministry or, at a minimum, a Secretary of State. The bonfire of the vanities seemed to burn with more virulence than ever, fueled by an overwhelming ambition.

While, in the middle of this maelstrom, the candidate asked to be alone. Before closing the door of the office, he hugged his spouse and she realized...

... In the vicinity of the headquarters, the screams of joy were on the rise and champagne toasts were multiplied. Addicts and unconditional, which I flock more or less organized, were approaching heat-stable, not so much to celebrate his victory, as the defeat of the rival.

The minutes passed, everyone was waiting to hear the great speech. The news broadcasted live the last hour and the political gatherings smarting, multiplying by the radio and television channels. The other candidates have already had congratulated themselves and their supporters, and although many of them argued reasons for considering that they had also won, their faces betrayed a bitter frustration.

Time passed quickly and the gerifaltes of the party began to be nervous wondering if the candidate would be again with some of its oddities. -Are you waiting to go out and celebrate the great festival of victory? -They said to one another.

Meanwhile, our man remained seated and still with his eyes closed. For a few moments his thoughts recalled the work carried out for years: its social vocation, commitment to the common good and the unwavering commitment to the truth, honesty and public service. Ideals that often had to hide in his party, in the political world and financial areas, to not be considered a dreamer. Only your bright, polished intelligence study and perseverance, labor, business, life experience and..., those secret spiritual journeys to the India, had allowed unreservedly trusting himself and never leave the intentionality humanist, so discredited in the centres of power.

But at last the awaited moment had arrived. He also had his small corner of pride that allowed him to feel pleased. He had won the elections and would be the new President.

He slowly opened the door of the office and went out. Everyone cheered him, halagaban, hugged. Sycophants cheer for anything and are dancing couple in moments of victory, but he could barely hear them; in his mind, reverberating the great speech that the whole country waited expectantly.

It went out to the balcony. He greeted smiling and with both hands he asked to make silence. The crowd was silent. He tried to keep the serene face and it was then when two huge streams of tears spilled down her cheeks. The crowd, silenced. And then, with excited voice, he spoke:

-Dear fellow citizens. Wrong it could meet the challenge waiting for me if they were not feeling the suffering that many of you are suffering in my own skin. Your pain I do mine. The work which I assume is so immense that, at a time like this, just I can rejoice and only feel about me the weight of the responsibility and the duty to solve our problems. Tomorrow I will form a team with the most honest people, committed and prepared in the State, no matter my parties or ideologies. I know that if we learn to unify our efforts, share; If we make the determination, excellence, honesty and generosity the path that lead us to realize our dreams, we will achieve a more just society and a prosperous future. For those who assume the task of governing, nothing should matter more than the service to citizens. It is our duty to have opening of miras, put ourselves in the place of others and offer our task with absolute surrender, humility and transparency. Starting today, my only goal will be to build a fraternal society with your help. No one can prevent the fulfilment of this commitment...

Then a rude, accompanied by a nasty blow on the shoulder, voice woke me up.

-Hear, Lord, has fallen asleep and this is the last stop. Get off if don't want to spend the night locked in the garage. I've finished my shift and I'm leaving.

So stunned, making an unsuccessful effort by waking up and know where was, I got up. And while wobbly me down that rickety bus and tried to avoid the numerous puddles that were opened in the night arrabal at every step, in my head I couldn't stop repeating me:

"If I were President!"

The book

LibroChema-VilchezWhy fate put this book in your hands It is published by Mandala Ediciones and beautifully illustrated by Carmen round.
It can be purchased in bookstores of all Spain, and is also available as e-book at Amazon, Ibooks Store Apple and Mandala website or on the website of the author:

Chema Vilchez, author, He graduated with honours at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California. Specialties in modern harmony, arrangements and composition, classical guitar, flamenco and electric guitar. By the Foundation Sivananda Yoga teacher. His other books: The dream of the Navigator and other poems (1995), Yoga, reborn to the vine(2006)

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