Transformation in the inaction of the senses

"It is said that a person is elevated in yoga when, having renounced all desires materials, nor acts to please the senses, nor deals in fruitivas activities". (Bhagavad Guita (Chapter 6.4). Writes Mayte Aguado)Maheshwari).


If we talk about yoga, we talk about release, abstraction beyond diversity, beyond the senses, beyond any explanation that can identify the unification of the soul with the ultimate reality; the mere non existence is existence itself.


The process of knowing internalize the five senses and experience a world within us is called Pratyahara. It is the retraction of the organs of the senses, objects and our own mind with all her psychic sensations, to start to look at an entity and stop the mind-stream and attach it to a single point to continue the process that culminates in Samadhi.

If we control completely the power of perception, We will make possible the reversal of the process of externalisation of consciousness, directing it inward and centering it on the inner essence (atman)which is that individualized Center of reality.

The action of mastering the senses means liberate the mind of desires related to physical demandscause our dispersion, and preventing us from the release of the vain things of the outside and blocking that entry into the interior.

With the training of Pratyahara, we learn to be, to be. If we look at our senses we will see that they move in a space of externas-internas activities by maintaining a balance in our being, and the result is a much more complete experience in the world. At first it may seem very complex and can invade the laziness and discouragement, but we must not allow ourselves to convince and we will use its antidote, the practice without waiting too long, generate expectations, we will strengthen the patience, prudence in precipitates analyses, which are the result of the masked desire of the ego.

We must remain especially firm in our determination, leaving to pass the time in your beautiful flowing without asking great questions, identify or label the moment, staying as simple spectators of our own reality, because of this simplicity, we will find the greatness of being, where We will go from being spectators to protagonists of that open inwards door.

Learn to wake up every day

That moment of silence and recollection where consciousness is directed inwards is when should again be strong will, taking a conduct in accordance with moral principles, as it is essential for our own benefit and for society, because there is no one without the whole. Already the Upanishad They stopped writing that: "the bees take the nectar of various flowers and then produced honey. A drop of honey can not claim that it comes from a flower and another drop of honey that comes from another flower; honey is a homogeneous whole. In the same way, all beings are one, even if they are not aware of this. "Tiger and Lion, Wolf and wild boar, the worm and the butterfly, fly and mosquito, all come from the soul and belong to the soul".

This search path, must recognize who we are, with the positive and with our negative behavior, not for self-flagellation us but to serve it as learning to improve our being, strengthening the negative with its opposite, so friendly, educating the mind without requirements, in order to 'reseted' without damaging the hard disk, assimilating and identifying patterns absorbed negative to turn them into positive and move forward to witnessing aware of what emanates from the inside out.

Learn to wake up every day, Recognizing the laziness born of desire and own enthusiasm that gives free rein to the ego, seeing them not as enemies but as fellow travelers, showing kindness of one with the other, because avoiding this particular confrontation, will abandon any showdown with us itself and therefore with what surrounds us.

Universal love

I speak of the great love that covers everything. It is important to understand that you don't have to feel the intervention of the senses, that view may reflect it, the ear can hear it or smell reaches to smell it, or touch can reach its essence, even taste can taste awaited nectar. Only Universal love to reach will be possible when let us believe that we can, see, touch, smell, hear and taste to identify it. Then it will be when our mind abandons his will to form so you don't have it; in that time we have learned to love us and therefore to love.

If you wonder why and how what you love more housewives, the reply I'm sure it will be: "There are no words to express it", and it happens because innately we know truly love without question, tag, just leave it there, without the need to see, touch, smell, hear or taste. This happens by something much deeper, which is the consequence of that it can not explain. Love everything around us visible and invisible without asking questions that is "Universal Love"hatred and anger have no place in your soul because you have learned to love.

Yoni Mudra

To conclude I recommend an exercise the Yoni Mudra, allowing that we can get separate us from the chaos of the outside world through the abstraction of the senses, and so help us to reach deep inside ourselves.

Using the fingers of both hands, cover your ears with your thumbs, placing index fingers in eyes closed, fingers heart cover the nostrils without pressing too and with ring fingers put them above the upper lip and little fingers fingers under the bottom lip. Now inhale and exhale slowly, and stays for a while in this posture.

With this simple exercise will be: relieve stress, relax the mind, stabilize the nervous system, maintain a State of relaxation and mental clarity to achieve peace of mind and spiritual development. A simple exercise that will provide us with our internal search path.

With love from the inaction of the senses.

Maheshwari (Mayte Aguado). Yoga teacher certified by the Sivananda school in Rudraprayag (India). Disciple of Fernando Diez. Collaborator of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and the yoga of the Guadalajara Aylu gym teacher.

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