Cinema / 'Shadaka, the path of Yoga', on the international day of Yoga

To celebrate the international day of Yoga, June 21 will be projecting Sadhaka, the path of yoga, in several rooms and unique session at 20.00 hours. The director, Nicolas Gauthier, and YogaenRed, sponsor of these sessions, we encourage you to not miss.

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This documentary aims to analyze the true yoga, its purposes and its effects, through unanimous and globally recognized figures as Ramiro a. Street (Spain), Surinder Singh (India), as well as prominent members of the Ashram's Swami vein Barathi (Rishikesh, India).

These are the rooms that will be screened:

-Barcelona: Cinemes Girona. Carrer de Girona, 175. Session at 20 h

Tickets anticipate:

-Madrid: Artistic Metropol. C / the Cigarreras, 6. Session at 20 h

Advance tickets:

-Palma de Mallorca. Cinema City, Carrer de l'Emperadriu Eugenia, 6. Session at 20 h

-Ateneo Hika (Bilbao) Ibeni Kaia, 1, Bilbao. Session at 20 h

-Valencia: CineBabel. C / Vicente Sancho Tello 10. Session at 20 h 30.

Advance tickets:

The documentary

French director and producer Nicolas Gauthier It offers a sensitive trip within the original context of this millennial discipline that is yoga. A work for laymen and experts and selected for several festivals in Europe.

Genre: documentary
Director: Nicolas Gauthier
Production: Nicolas Gauthier & Louis road
Music: Luis
Actors: Ramiro a. Street, Surinder Singh, Swami Prachant Bharati, Rada Swami Bharati, Alvaro Enterría, Dr. Prabhu G.
Distributor: Group Sequoia (Atlantis Films)
Nationality and year of production: Spain/India, 2015
Duration: 89′

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