Festival of Mantras OMMadrid 2

If you love music and mantras, we propose this trip from the sound age of India and Europe merged by Swamini Radhananda (Eva Espeita), the depth and beauty of the Raga from India at the hands of Vrindaban Lounge, passing through the dreamlike, intimate proposal Nidra up to the merger and integration of Shivaya Om curve. All Saturday 28 may in space round in Madrid.


Swamini Radhananda Saraswati (Eva Espeita) drink from the original sources of the oldest music of India (dhrupad, devotional singing, Vedic chant) and unites them to European medieval roots, adding space for vocal improvisation inspired by different folklores and different cultures of the world trance music. He has accompanied great musicians and masters of the devotional singing in our country and abroad, and this time it comes to show us the maximum simplicity of meditative music accompanied just by the sound of the refrain. Eva Espeita: Vocals, harmonium, tanpura, tambourine

Vrindavan Lounge immersed in the worlds of the merger between instruments, rhythms and sounds from different cultures, accompanied by an electronic lounge and chill. The instrumentation of this duo covers a broad spectrum that combines sound more pure as the Bansuri (flute of the India), Sarod or the Didjeridoo, percussion instruments such as tables (percussion of the India) or the Derbûkat, through to reach Western sounds such as guitars or synthesizers. All sharing the same space that seeks to create environments and unique moments of relaxation. Mario C. Marí: Sarod, guitar, synthesizers / Jorge Benito: Bansuri, percussion, voice and rubab.

Nidra It is music dream... fusing ethnic and instruments such as the mbira, the kalimba, Indian table, the bansuri, the rebec, the didgeridoo, the guitar, the violin, the bendir. Born of the impulse to evoke, through music, intrinsic transcendental factor there. Music as a vehicle that leads to being... the memory of "that", that all encompassing, all-encompassing. And that speech... speaks to us... between sounds and echoes with understanding glances accomplices who are recognized and a whisper that resonates, only in silence. Eduardo Spina: Mbira, kalimba, bansuri, didgeridoo, vocals / Daniel Espada: guitar, vocals, bendir, Indian / Patricia G. Monje: rabel, saz, Violin, vocals.

Shivaya Om uses a fusion of rhythms and musical styles of East and West, but without losing the essence of the traditional devotional singing of the India and spiritual cultures, Shivaya Om aims to inform them an own and natural, innovative and accessible, so as a tool to calm the mind and open the heart. Eduardo Solarte: guitar slide, percussion and vocals / Jesus Ananda : Acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards, and vocals / Santiago Zuazu: keyboards, melodica, percussion vocals / Sun fig trees: vocals and percussion

Reservations: T 91 366 1041-639 819 503 / info@espacioronda.com

Where: Space round. Calle Ronda de Segovia 50.Madrid

More information: http://espacioronda.com/

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