Clarification of FEDEFY

The Federation Spanish of entities forming of Yoga-FEDEFY-in its objective of attend to the sector of the yoga and disclose an information correct, wants to clarify them comments that run currently on the "law of the sport" contested by the Court constitutional. Writes Nelic Girones.


When in a community autonomous is approves and subsequently enters in force it known "law of the sport", of form practice, what affects to the sector of the yoga is that who work in entities sports have to be enabled, validated or accredited to be able to work on them.

Understand is that the law of the sport and the accreditation are two processes different. The law is an obligation, and the necessary process to accredit professional skills Gets a certificate of professional training with national recognition (technician, level 3).

In some circles, has run the voice that the Sports Act passed in Catalonia has been challenged by the Constitutional Court, and we want to clarify what is the current situation.

In this community, in 2008 is approved the law 3 / 2008 of the 23 of April, of the exercise of the professions of the sport, that regulates them aspects basic of the exercise of such professions in Catalunya, sets of form express what are these, determines them degrees necessary for exercise them and attributed to each profession its own field functional general. This law is it known as "law of the sport" (and is assumed that is will be extending to other communities).

When this law is approved, there is a period determined for the habilitation. Subsequently only through the accreditation It is possible to work in sports. This accreditation allows sign is in the BD of sport for power work in entities sports, since the family professional to which belongs this sector of the yoga is linked to the "activities physical and sports recreational". After overcoming the accreditation process, gets the recognition at the national level as "yoga Instructor", and to be high in the Catalan sports school, one is inscribed in the Database as "Sports Monitor", which is the generic that certain guided room activities. (This law entered in force in Catalonia at the beginning of the 2015 and is postponed at the beginning of the 2017).

And all continues as from the adoption of this law 3 / 2008. Not have changed anything.

What is has contested have been a few articles of a new law (7 / 2015) complementary to the first (3 / 2008). This new law is the 7/14 may 2015, and refers to practitioners of the sport when it wanted to treat an equated to the record of the European Union. It was the Catalan sports school, as organ teacher of the Catalan sport of the generality of Catalan Council, could issue a certificate upon presentation of the corresponding application and the mandatory report of the corresponding Sports Federation, which cites the Federal training and experience in the field sports of the applicant for registration in the Database (this is the challenge).

The Administration knows that the practice of yoga is a physical but not sports activity, therefore, nor this expansion of the law would have affected us.

Have the proposed of enlargement with the law 7 / 2015 and the appeal of unconstitutionality whole in (section "Information on accreditation").

Therefore remains standing the need for accreditation, especially in Catalonia, and where necessary, since it does not affect us.

This year we doubt if there will be calls for proposals, the Administration is not the work. But we have to give time to the time and see what happens.

Good practice.

Nelic Girones. FEDEFY

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