CD's / ' Altered states', music for a journey into the interior

UMA Silbey proposes in his recently released album sounds of acoustic piano and keyboards and a merger with the intermediate harmonies of the Indian music which are bringing different colors and make possible the transmission of a world rich in messages. Writes Paul Rego.


Altered States, edited by the label Airo Audio, is the album number seventeen of his career, in which he portrays conscious experiences of perceptions of non-ordinary life, recreating through music experiences that can be experienced in the practice of yoga, meditation, or ecstatic vision product that deep connection with the environment.

UMA Silbey It is a being spiritual and an artist's long career. You can not separate the practitioner and teacher of ancestral techniques related to spiritual development, the artist formed from his childhood in classical music than the discovery of began to flow with the creation of their albums.

This artist is a pioneer of the New Age, in which He has created designs of music for yoga, meditation, holistic therapies and spiritual practice, Since the establishment of their first album in 1981. With these arts leads travelling the world for more than twenty years, Conference, teaching, leading workshops, and acting in concert.

The activities introduced by Uma Silbey in her life experience range from yoga and meditation, to the knowledge Aboriginal shamanic or Tibetan medicine. His training in music, that permanently fuses with his experience in the arts of spirituality, is present in it since the age of five, when he began studying piano. But, in addition, over the years, has specialized in music and percussion shamanic, in music for yoga and music therapy.

Uma music back has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience that makes the sounds that she produces and records in his records or plays in their live performances to flow magically opening a door to the more subtle ways appreciate the existence, tuned with their energy and leaving embrace by their sounds.

Paul Rego. Music critic. Yoga teacher. Holistic massage therapist. Diploma in medicine Ayurveda

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