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Laura Moreno shares his experience as a teacher of yoga for children, their little secrets to achieve that children get all the benefits of their practice, while enjoying the calm in the class.


As a teacher of yoga for children, my goal is focused on the development and well-being of children, learning and constantly improving them.

Yoga is good for kids in many ways. It has healthy effects, how to improve the concentration of the child. Through the game, the music, the sacred mantra Om, they can achieve the calm. The word Yoga It means union, union of itself. Like this children can learn to know, to relate and communicate with its environment through yoga.

Experts say that the best age for children to start practicing yoga is starting from the 4 yearsMaybe already have the ability to perform movements controlled his body. Today the rush have already visited up to more small, demanding more than what they can. Pressure in the studies, the lack of attention in class, stress, are bad advisers for their development, and even your immune system is affected. Thanks to yoga they manage to forget the pressure situations that may arise in its day and day, improving your physical and mental attitude and providing the concentration.

His response to a calmer State influences their desire to weave games, songs and asanas. Practice becomes the time of peace and discipline, Since children become the yoga Center running, wishing to leave backpacks, take off your shoes and spread their mats. Of course, everyone wants to be close to the teacher, but sometimes we play that one of them is the Professor; This situation puts them on alert and makes them be in the present.

Then, in practice, always tend to certain positions. Like the guys choose the lion, and the turtle love girls. We imagine that we are in the jungle and that have fun a lot. Other day class is a story which we ourselves invent and that it gives rise to express cheerful vivid feelings or not, and that gives rise to the communication between them.

The attitude of the teacher

Children accepted the practice as a fun and relaxing time through physical stillness and postures. Its calm state increases benefiting your peace of mind. Yoga is a fun activity, and the creative potential of the child tripped harnessing his talent.

In a kids yoga class, in addition to the practice you can enter the Mandalas. This will give us more information on the State of mind of the child, since information we obtain through the colors. For children, paint mandalas is a source of concentration and a fun way of relax. Emotions are channeled through drawing, graphic representations and the chosen colours. Les sports also sing the mantra Om, feel that tingling feeling in the throat while performing a mudra with his hands.

It is very important that teachers know how to transmit to children safety, confidence, mood of game and peace of mind. The teacher has the role of motivator and at the same time inducing relaxation. You should note their attitudes in class to promote every day wanting to practice, since they are still very young and have not developed to 100 percent its capacity for concentration.

The benefits of yoga for kids

  • It helps to channel her energy and reaffirms their self-esteem, get increase your confidence, because children who practice yoga are more likely to have a vision more responsible and happy life of adults.
  • Flexibility increases with positions, which help the muscles of the body to gain more strength.
  • Through yoga children will exercise their respiration and learn to relax.
  • It will improve their coordination, security in themselves, emotional calm, concentration, the immune system.

Yoga is complemented perfectly with other sports. And if in addition to practicing yoga children bear one balanced diet with high consumption of fruit and vegetables, they will grow with a very important awareness of your body. Food plays a role of vital importance, as our body is nourished by the food we eat. In addition, the diet influences our psyche, our emotions and behavior. So a child in full development will feel much better and with more vitality practice yoga and eats healthfully. Eating well is also one a way of learning to love.

Laura Moreno, Professor of yoga and yoga for children.

Center of Yecla Yoga Dhyana

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