Forget yoga

Intended to regulate yoga, turn it into a technique endorsed by a number of recognized anatomical and philosophical assumptions, is deeply far from the true path of yoga. Writes Cristina Calero.

forget yoga

Yoga happens what philosophy happened already centuries ago, when philosophers began to answer the original question since his partial speech and began to create fixed frames of beliefs that can be taught and learned. But both yoga and philosophy, once lost correspondence, causes forgetfulness and confusing the means with the opening of the possibility.

Current yoga shows the abysmal disconnection that governs our amnesiac society, seeking from some areas that the individual path to awakening It can be purchased sold, can be taught and learned from an instruction from national educational institutions-official. Philosophy can show us how this intention ends up confusing the study of the history of thought and systematized various disciplines in which philosophy, has been fragmented with the love of wisdom, personal reflection and encouragement of free and therefore antiescolastico thought.

Adjust yoga, subject to a fixed program that provides modes, forms, theories and beliefs, is systematize its oblivion and strengthen disease of our time: the loss of connection with who we really are.

As a graduate in philosophy or even a Professor of history of philosophy may be confused which makes with the amazing possibility of philosophising, if yoga is converted into a fixed teoria-tecnica, backed by an educational administration that reflects everything that's what our society is, without a doubt You can reach us to believe all that yoga is what is taught or learned, when really, yoga can be only donation. In any case, it depends on determinations, wills, or imposition, but rather the opposite. In any case it is transmitted through a teorico-tecnico set and pre-estipulado knowledge, but through a "inconocimiento" that will gradually releasing all reached "school" status.

How do we claims to be listening "no expectations"? How do we organize programs of curricular areas that show the possibility of suspension of the self? How do we define a "project" backed by a teorico-tecnico knowledge so that students perceive the need for solitude and silence, to assimilate that ignorance welcomes us and that radical uncertainty can rocking us in the joy of simply being?

No doubt a number of preparatory steps are necessary for can - perhaps - open space allowing the real possibility of yoga, but such steps are enormously far from fixed premises, study notes, details of hindu philosophy, beliefs or attitudes as intentional targets, since el 'learning' of yoga has the possibility of recognizing beyond of everything I learned; part of the humility that does not determine or plays because he knows he doesn't know; it comes from the most open and sensitive eavesdropping, and deeper intimacy with what is.

And all this can not be regulated. Academizar el yoga, así como la filosofía, es una pretensión normalizadora imposible, unless those who have forgotten to strengthen it.

Cristina Calero you are a lover of yoga and meditation somatic. Professor of university degrees in philosophy and art history.

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