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This-I-master-God-Happiness. This is that apparently different. By David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu), traditional master Advaita Vedānta.

Buddha lips

From where comes the awareness in me,?
the life in me,
my life?

This consciousness that I perceive and feel
things and beings different
by my cuerpo-sentidos - mind.

This awareness comes
of the observer,
witness of perception;

Pure, immutable, consciousness
It shines itself
e lights up giving life,
as the Sun.

This awareness comes
of the observer,
Governor of my cuerpo-sentidos - mind.

Distinguishing it,
giving me to it,
the feel and
I'm happy,
in the most secret Chamber
of my heart;
ceases where my perception
where forgotten is this and I,
where I am happy,
in the cave of Palace.

If Walker Road,
Road is made by walking.
Forever clogged road
by the weeds of life.

If Walker Road,
on the map of life.

Walker if there is
Heaven on Earth.

I am indeed that,
tells me the revelation
of your lips
squeezing your heart;

and all this separation
those who see my cuerpo-sentidos - mind
and that I feel,
I suffer,
as absence and desire,
Indeed it is that;
tells me the revelation
my heart filled,
be glory.

Concentrate there always,
Love me
in all beings,
in all your actions,
thoughts and words,
in every perception,

Give yourself
and you will be,
because you are,
Is what
It is,
without distinction,
without garments
of physical and subtle bodies
the beloved,
King of Kings,
your own being immortal.

the world,
is that
seen different
by different organs of perception.
Who sees is that,
eternally pregnant
without labor,
nothing new ever,
without birth of anything different,
without separation
or duel.

I am that.
This is my reflection.

David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu)

Light of Scripture - Advaita Vedānta traditional school

Training "Scriptures of Advaita Vedānta and Yoga Sāṅkhya - knowledge and traditional practice"



Scriptures of Advaita Vedānta and Yoga Sāṅkhya - knowledge and traditional practice

Study, practice and experience of the complete original writings from the oral tradition:

Sāṅkhya-Kārikā, Yoga Sutras, Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, Bhagavad Guītā, Upaniṣhads and Brahma sutras

Mokṣha Śhāstra - art and science of liberation

The full recognition of their own be: existence, consciousness, happiness unlimited

-In Madrid and at distance. Yoga Shala Alcobendas. http://www.ashtanga-yoga-alcobendas.es /annayogashala@gmail.com

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Also blended

Presentation of David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu)

David RodrigoSurrendered completely to the realization of your true being and truth from that in 2008 went to Rishikesh, Himalayas, India and gave with his teacher, Dravidāchārya Rāmakṛiṣhṇan Swāmījī (Shastra Nethralaya Ashram, Advaita Vedānta tradition of Śhaṅkarāchārya).

During six intense years of self-transformation studied, contemplated, applied and experienced with the master, in a relationship personal and daily, the wisdom experiential and releasing of the large writings complete and original of them schools classic of spirituality and philosophy in India (ṣhaḍ-darśhana) and Sanskrit:

-Advaita Vedānta

-Prasthāna Trayī ´Triple Canon´ with the comment of Śhaṅkarāchārya: Bhagavad Guītā, main Upaniṣhads and Brahma sutras. The latter with Bhāmatī, Vāchaspati Miśhra subcomentario.

-Advaita Siddhi, Madhusūdana Sarasvatī, part of the Bṛihat Prasthāna Trayī ´Gran Triple Canon´.

-Prakaraṇa granthas (text side) as Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, of Śhaṅkarāchārya; Panchadaśhī, Vidyāraṇya Muni; Vedanta Paribhāsā, from Dharmarāja Adhvarīndra; Siddhānta-leśha-saṅgraha, of Appayya Dīkṣhita; Dakṣhiṇāmūrti-stotra ´Himno to Dakṣhiṇāmūrti´; Pancīkaraṇa; Tattva-boddha; or Ātma-jñāna-upadeśha-vidhi.

-Yoga sutras of Patanjali with commentary of Vyāsa, etc.

-Sāṅkhya Īśhvara Kṛiṣhṇa-Kārikā.

-The rest of the classical schools (astika darśhana): Artha-saṅgraha (Pūrva Mīmāṁsā); Tarka-saṅgraha (Nyāya-Vaiśheṣhika).

-Grammar of the Sanskrit (vyākaraṇa): Laghu-siddhānta-kaumudī of Varadarāja (traditional simplification of the Aṣhṭādhyāyi of Pāṇini).

Was started also in the tradition of the Yoga meditation of the Himalayas by is Veda Bhāratī (Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama Ashram, Rishikesh).

Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh began to transmit knowledge, practice and experience of Scripture and meditation; and coordinated Dhyāna Gurukulam, the traditional school of the ashram.

In 2014 it life you brought again to Spain, making available directly-without garments or conversions to what not you are-, the knowledge, it practice and it experience of these writings of wisdom universal that come of and you lead to samādhi, the realization of the fullness of the real be of one same and of all it creation: existence, consciousness , Happiness pure, an e immutable, omnipresent, that illuminates your mind-heart and glows by itself same. Here and now.

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