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It's over. Yoga is taught in uni so that one can "convey in their classes the rigor and high teaching quality received throughout its formative process". Writes Robert Rodríguez Nogueira.

Degree yoga

Right now I'm going to India and the sadhu who caught without degree get you a package that flips it. What's that go on balls and desgrenao without accreditation, affiliation and license tax. Looking without having permission to...

-Let's see, let's see, papers. Title begging?

-No, Sir.

-Certificate of Pilgrim.

-I have no.

-License of ascetic, technical beggar, poor of solemnity...

-Didn't know that...

-For Nudism and Trident slip them in house, buy a suit or a monkey and you are looking for a job that you produce, pay your taxes and make advance society, so-pariah.

Augustine, a man that I know to walk the dog, is a criptoyogui, a quintacolumnista, a terrorist of common sense. It has no idea of what yoga is, but whenever he opens his mouth, makes it, yoga. Speaks from the heart. And your heart is a site concept, wise and who listens to who has front with respect and attention. Who authorizes you to dispense sutras that ignores what they do? That can do you harm to aaaalguien. Here there is a potential danger that is not but it is. Only a Licentiate or (future) entitled University is able to exercise of Yogi because it is properly formed. Only an entitled may prescribe, administer or suggest a sutra-gation to disaffect the soul and reintegrate the consumerist in which, the same social metabolism, sought to escape through the practice of yoga. Uuuuuuuy what more fat confusion.

And I should flow volatile and cheesy as a butterfly and discern with the jewel of my attention yogic than this is a fad that will pass, this does not affect me. But is that I'm up to the noses of so much nonsense, standard, obligation, title, punishment, exaction, tribute, product and sales. And now all that is filling with crap something that was clean.

That we have gentrified. The word "yoga" means already definitely product.

The old, but new ones will believe that yoga is one professional output, again. And it is not so. Yoga is not something with what you pay in a study a few years old and you get a knowledge, a permit, a license to... have a work, Supreme goal of human beings, license to be worker Ant of Ant.

And Furthermore, what paints the yoga at a University?

He yoga in the University should be for them teachers and the students of any career can stop a moment, stop giving jar and get off to other places. Yoga must be studied as a subject of anthropology, philosophy, medicine, literature, art, sociology, psychology, hypnosis, human biomechanics, of the incomparada paradologia or the feline tripodologia. Not the economy, and more specifically of the economy of a faculty that sees that there may be students of that. For which no College of football? Futbologia. In this country clientes-alumnos not going to miss. Teachers not... I think that I'm too... CR - 7 Professor... (arcade)

There is a university degree. I know. But already there are yoga courses at a University and there will be students. And will believe guais and well formed.

And what alignment is going to teach? The Iyengar? The Sri Daiva? The Bikram...? (well, that there)

What respiration? Ashtanga vinyasa? Sivananda? What philosophical approach? Advaita vedanta, Shaivism of Kashmir, Patanjali?

No sure that everything is done very scientific and is made well and offered a broad perspective so that they can choose for themselves.

And an egg.

Dry stick, anyone interested in the saivismo of Kashmir nor the life of Jnaneshvari or learn how to breathe or move or eat differently to as it has been done throughout life. You have to go (very) screwed to want to change that. Without getting fucked there is yoga. And you're not going to learn the bandhas without devote a long muuuuuuuuuuy time, as well as anything else. You learn that without that motivation and get a title of Yogi will sell what? Yoga? Really?

Yoga was not a product.

It's over.

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Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira He teaches yoga, blogger and writer.

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