As much as the man to strive to get forward infinite personal projects, ultimately only there is a vital objective that worth go on living: wake up. Awakening is perhaps the only thing that allows that in truth the life worth living. Writes Emilio J. Gomez.


Awakening of subtle sleep caused by imagination, identification and projections with the outside world in which human beings live and die. Everything is an illusion because all lives from fiction sleep, daydreaming and the State of fascination that produces.

In the field of consciousness appears an object or a subject, and immediately arises projection generated by the imagination and the imagination a desire or aversion, a memory or an expectation, a feeling pleasant or unpleasant... And fruit of that group emerges the opinion, and the opinion is born identification. And with identification, the suffering.

A labyrinth

Strange maze this live human being plunged into the deepest of dreams. A dream where he is able to get to sleep with those instruments that precisely were created to cause awakening for those who got such a singular State. Instruments such as Yoga in any of its branches.

Life strange this is living, when and where any glimpse or Flash of light that produces being awake is immediately stifled trying to an eccentric personality, might as well say do crazy? To be happy and can be normal?, seems to be the general approach. And with this idea floating in the collective unconscious, it is simply not possible to wake up.

But the question is: is it really possible awakening? Is it not just a utopia?

It is not only possible but it is inevitable. It will happen without a doubt. Sooner or later the man wake up to their true nature, that which has accompanied him throughout their existence while he attended to other matters and personal projects. Yes, there is no room for doubt, the human will awaken. It will happen, although such awakening takes place on the deathbed.

The desirable perhaps it occurs before. But only perhaps. In the end, everything is as it should be. E even behind the apparent chaos that sleep can cause, it is possible to perceive the subtle and delicate aroma of balance, harmony and love vibrating from the invisible, beyond apparent forms that limit to human understanding.

We know it or not, conscious or not, everything is as it should be, and also everything happens in due course. The understanding will come, although realizing does not depend on time. It will happen today, now, or tomorrow... In the end we are at this level precisely for that, to wake up.

Emilio J. Gomez

It is the silence inside yoga Association yoga teacher and teaches Hatha & Radja yoga in El Escorial (Madrid).


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