The power of sound

In all traditions, in any time and place, either in a monastery situated on the top of a mountain, in the Siberian steppes or in the African jungle, the sound has been a bridge between man and his spirit. Raises the vibration and expands awareness. Writes Juan Ramón Hernanz.

Elohim posterYou can already come from a sophisticated organ in a Gothic Cathedral, a gon in a Taoist temple, a rudimentary trunk hollow or dry Horn of an animal, a delicate lira or a coarse tan-tan, sound transports and induces a cathartic or sublime States.

Monks and priests, sorcerers and shamans, the vibration and the sound waves used for connected in a State of consciousness with the whole, the unit. The mind is muted and connects to a shock wave of high frequency that takes us from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from Earth to heaven, from matter to spirit, the dense to the subtle.

The voice, as an expression of the soul sound, produces the same effect in a sumsanling on the roof of the world or in a humble tipi in the grasslands, between colossal walls of a Cistercian closure or in the circle of fire of an animist tribe.

Mantras and litany, a virginal chorus of immature or ancient singing and shaman of the Council of elders, a rope of black slaves picking cotton or a battalion of Scottish bagpipers marching in step to meet death. What is the magic or the power of the sound?

Exalts the Warrior armando you value, enerva passion to the ardent lover, heals the sick, raises the believer and joined the mourners. The monks of Silos singing Gregorian, schedule Dervishes dancing to the rhythm of the Sufi Masters or young warriors in the apache circle, commune as a sweet Christmas choir around a fireplace.

Sound unites and elevates, melted our souls in a single heart in a single beat. The Mystics of all traditions have used sounds from the mists of time to cross the borders of matter and soar into a single and common vibration. Scientists have shown, to analyze the composition of matter, all are atoms in motion, inside which elementary particles behave as waves in continuous vibration. That is why we say that in the universe everything vibrates at different wavelengths, at different frequencies. Everything in the cosmos generates a sound.

Of course, our body emits a vibration, our thoughts and moods, emotions, broadcast waves as everything in nature. Is aware of all the inner sounds listening, in inquiry about ourselves, in the management of which transmit through our thoughts and emotions, where the Mystics of all traditions have set its sights.

Juan Ramón Hernanz founder of the school is Swatantrya Yoga of personal liberation, in Madrid, fusion of yoga and shamanism. And promotes spaces of art and consciousness through yoga, dance and sound, as Elohim Festival.


Elohim Festival, on 6 and 7 December in Madrid

Meeting for Yogis, musicians, meditators, dancers, dreamers, mystics, and rebellious...

They will be two days of meeting and celebration, to look us in the eye, "lead us" and unite our hearts in a single pound, dream new dawn. Join the awakening by raising our frequency. Singing and dancing to celebrate life. Penetrate the silence together to make us one with all dissolved us into the mystery.

We are looking for 20 people who help us to energetically support the proposal, which wish to participate with us in the activities that feel similar and with his presence, want to support us. We have 20 tickets at a super-reducido price, (60€) special for those who've participated in other meetings (Festival of sound mystical, Diafanum) or may have to move. Get in touch to book answering the mail or by phone: 91 345 68 67 (Juan), will do so by strict order of arrival.

We look forward to a part of the program that we are preparing, conceived as a whole and designed to make a work of heart.

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