Yoga must be set! Or not!

I say this (two things) with full conviction. My certainty comes from my personal conception about this art that I do not know if practical (due to the lack of Regulation) and that seems to me that I do not teach (ditto) with my best intention. Perhaps be properly regulated and homologated could, to compare me, decide whether I am a Yogi, a yoga teacher or a simple and happy what is I. Writes Robert Rodríguez Nogueira.

Yoga drawing humor

I will immerse myself in my immediate sameness to see what meeting, to see if I can clarify for me. I hope that the reader will join me willing both smile and philosophical speculation.

My personal opinion dominating, perfectly contentious even by myself in my moments of sour self-criticism (few), is that the practice of yoga is:

(a) a form of highly entertaining spiritual masturbation.

(b) a highly sophisticated and healthy gymnastics.

(c) a smart practice that any curriculum refines and conversation containing the expression "psychophysical" and words in exotic dead languages.

(d) a possibility of being really honest with yourself (the most difficult and useful).

(e) a form of relationship is extremely positive among human beings.

And it is by the "d" (difficult) by which to me gives me that yoga is a practice dutifully skeptical, or what is the same, as I can be sincere with me with the truth of another, or that if I look in the ass of another I don't why they recognize my face. Yogi or teacher so I don't know if I am or I am not, but skeptical will be staying clear yes. Viva! I am knowing something.


(Cesa music, black screen, text in white, rhythmic crunch of the tape of the cinematograph)

--In the case that the reader profess consciously dogmas yogic or of any other kind, the author recommends the immediate cessation of the Defense until this gets more chirriscante, that is going to get. In the case that, as the author, you profess them unconscious, what lies ahead are sure that it puts you... in one way or another--

End of the warning

(Returns the soundtrack, the screen wears images)

In the absence of a single dad-like yogic guru, a superculo in which all the Yogis we reflect no dissensions, in monotheistic Western consider regulation of the thousand-headed, very rational yoga teaching us, very enlightened, as the simple exercise of an occupational activity in a commercial area. What is a yoga teacher? How do you do it? What should you know and what you can ignore? What and what not? And above all, How do you pay your taxes?

In the absence of dogma or revelation, following the econobiblia able to translate everything for a value in money, and sick of the aforementioned the inalienable part of the State (taxes), gets the placet and anointing as teaching Yogi: "OK, be Perengano yoga teacher". It only needed a few Yogis level 1 recognized by the State that say that others are Yogis level 2 or able to pay taxes. So we are left with: "Yogi is who pays taxes for teaching what another says that it teaches". In short: "Yogi is one who works."

Because it does not give me the win. I got into this to not work.

I believe that teaching yoga is a spiritual relationship, to hair, one who believes that you don't know and will pillao and another who knows he doesn't know but goes somewhat lighter. The second does know the first knowing or not knowing is not important, that earlier cited "one" should be considered its own "believe" with lots of love, or at least with less possible violence. And that body serrano. Take already! There begins the yoga (which stated the Grammarian).

Catch me (titlists and regulators) this fly by the tail, if you can, and make up training manuals and printed tax documents which explain how you do that in each case and how should be paid and taxed is. I am not able to nor, frankly, it makes me less failure.

And as skeptical practitioner I can not say that what I say has more truth that what they say others. I can not say having less. The only thing I can say is that I'm the right person to regulate this yoga, or I can accept the regulation of other (gives me the same thing either here or in the India). The result of such regulation of yoga such as labour or professional activity is not going to look like a hair what I practise or teach. Indeed, surely that other no-regulacion nor looks like what I do or teach, thing, obviously not affect me the least.

Conclusion, the rose-smelling the same thing under another name, said the poet. If Yogi is that works I will be, what will I, exotic singing cicada and teach you to compose verses with pain, the body and the laughter.

What I've learned in this reflection, which I hope is useful to the reader, is that a happy Yogi is hardly adjustable. A happy Yogi is perfectly excellent. And necessary. With any name.

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Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira teaches yoga, blogger and writer.

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