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The only alternative to escape old age is to die before. If one ages, body will start to give problems, especially of the locomotor apparatus. But many disorders can be prevented or delayed, and that is important. Putting the means to do so, we may have as far as possible a more harmonic, flexible, resistant body in which bodies operate evenly. By Ramiro Street.

Yoga seniors

Yoga is the first method of human improvement. Old age and disease, like death, are inevitable, but while it is still possible we must properly treat our vital tools. We must begin by addressing the five basic energy sources, and more in old age: correct breathing, the pure food, appropriate rest, restful sleep and positive mental impressions. It also has the attitude to life in a special way. Just as there are vitamins for the body, there are for the soul: love, joy, compassion, fairness, generosity, and so many others.

The practice of hatha yoga brings many benefits mental and organic. The conscious exercise is smarter and old. In the elderly the asanas or postures play an essential role. To start, pass not by high rigidity is death and flexibility is life. Stretches yoga positions-causing longer and revitalize the muscle (which tends to shorten with age), promote blood flow, harmonize secretions through well targeted massages, care for bodies, and exert a beneficial action on the glands.

The advantage of the classical yoga is that anyone, anyone who is his age, can practice it. Even if it is necessary on a Chair, as we have explained in another of our work. The organs of the digestive system, which are affected by age, can be very favored with the intra-abdominal massages. Breathing exercises, will favour the lungs and protect against age-specific lung disorders. Strengthens the abdominal muscles and hernias are prevented. Atrophy of certain internal organs is delayed. Where it is possible to rheumatic diseases, prevent that it added more than two hundreds.

I will tell you a personal story. When my father, a back injury, went to visit the doctor Castle Ojujas, renowned rheumatologist, said to him: "But being your master son of yoga, go to it". She started practicing yoga with full dedication and did not have problems in this regard. Stretches of the positions make that not detracting the stature and breathing exercises improve cardiovascular action.

For his part, meditation is already a specific need for elderly people, because it becomes a cerebral gymnastics of great benefit. It helps combat the exacerbated feeling of loneliness, to find better with yourself, to be able to overcome the irritability and fear, to live more harmoniously and making a renewed sense of life. Both the extraordinary Professor of mental yoga and meditation for seniors Pauline monk (who has taught thousands and thousands of the elderly in centres of what he calls "my older youth") like me (which gave several years classes in the classrooms of the third age of the Ministry of culture, where several years also lectured magnificent lecturer Almudena Hauríe), have checked all these positive effects.

Is not surprising, therefore, that each day is more the number of older people who practice the classical yoga, It offers the least risk and provide that each person performs the technique according to his own ability, without any competitive spirit, finding an inner dimension of harmony and lucidity which is the best source of health. Nor what has that they should be avoided for older people, obviously and a little common sense is having, modalities of athletic yoga or those of others running at 40 degrees of temperature, and have infinitely more drawbacks than benefits.

Calle Ramiro

RamiroCalleMore than 50 years has been Calle Ramiro teaching yoga. He began teaching at home and created an Academy of yoga correspondence for all Spain and Latin America. In January of l971 opened its Yoga Center Shadak, that have already passed more than half a million people. His 250 published works include more than fifty devoted to yoga and related disciplines. He has made Yoga the purpose and sense of his life, having traveled a hundred times to India, the homeland of yoga.

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