Proposals to vibrate this weekend

After this winter spring we have had almost until the summer, came the good time inviting us to enjoy it. If you still don't know what to do this weekend, here we propose you various very suggestive plans that will make you vibrate.


Friday 14 of June

"Breathing beauty", workshop of vibration, resonance and transformation

Jacomina one, Gabriel Flain with Luis Paniagua. From 14 to 16 June.

"Breathing beauty" is a workshop for vibration, resonance, and transformation. We will open ourselves to the resonance we feel with the sounds of our voice and other instruments, such as bowls and the lyre, and then in the beautiful nature of Punta Couso. Transform these feelings in image on the photo and from there another time in sound.

It will be a unique workshop that will probably not be repeated. The workshop is an invitation to listen staring and looking with the listener. To perceive and beauty in our environment, in our interior. To resonate, to join us in the vibration, in this bertanlanffy of life. We breathe, vibrates and feel the universe here on Earth. Life, a permanent, ever-changing note. If we are present, the world takes on a meaning simple and broad in every moment of infinite beauty, of enjoyment without conditions, innocent, full of surprises and answers.

Where: Center tip of Couso, Vilanova

Address: HIO, 36948 Cangas de Morrazo, Pontevedra

Reservations: / 986-687-575

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Workshop conscious sounds and Gaiayoga (Mantras and sacred songs)

In this workshop we live intensely conscious sounds in group, within a conducive to high vibration frequencies working power. You will learn the use of conscious sounds so you can put them into practice in your daily life. A very effective work, which acts directly at the cellular level and DNA, which requires just minutes a day.

Time: 5 pm

Where: Integral Yoga Center

Address: C / 29 MIlana, Netherlands. Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona)

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Vibrational therapy with voice and bowls (quartz and Tibetan)

This therapy is based on the vibratory quality of sound and the ability of the body to resonate with the vibration. It produces healing effects on the body and the mind. It relaxes at an extremely deep level and accelerates processes of internal growth.

The session group begins with a work of movement articulatory to promote the entry in the relaxation. Professor: Antonio Alfara (musician, master of Reiki, body therapist).

Price: €15

It is necessary to reserve a place by phone or mail before attending: 91.751.1466 / 647.558 10 /

Time: 19:30 pm

Where: Center Daya

Address: C/Joaquín María López, 7, 2º C, Madrid

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Saturday 15 of June

Meditation workshop

Taught by Pedro Flores. The State of conscious relaxation is meditation; extend that State in the comfort and quiet of a posture suitable for the body or in the activity of our daily lives, is the goal of our sessions and exercises. It is open in us a new perspective that is deeply seated in the calm and serenity of our bodies and our minds.

Where: Yoga Center. Madrid

More information:

Yoga and the various techniques of personal development

Like to communicate better with you, with your group of students, with your beings more close, couple or friends? Do you want to take a new step in your practice of yoga or personal development through new contributions of the NLP hypnotic language, the balance of powers...? Yoga and the various techniques of personal development are enriching and updating with contributions from new discoveries. Objective: To train participants to use various techniques of same if effective communication, yoga and personal development or to the group with which to work to facilitate the spiritual evolution. Facilitator: Juan Peláez's teacher and trainer in the area of communication and yoga for more than 20 years. He has made formations in different countries of the world for yoga and communication professionals. He has published 37 books, including a guide to yoga Nidra.


Where: Ashram of San Martin de Valdeiglesias

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Intensive course on Ashtanga yoga and philosophy

15 and 16 June.

Saturday 15: Yoga Sutras, explanation of the meaning and importance of this text, developed explanation of some important and inspiring sutras for the practice; practise mysore style; mantras, explanation of the meaning of the mantra. recitation of some of the mantras most important and significant, as the initial mantra and end of ashtanga yoga, introduction to the Gayatri mantra and extensive meaning of the mantra Om; history of yoga, meaning of yoga and historical origin in the India.

Sunday 16: talk about hindu literature focuses on the Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata and Ramayana. Bhagavad gita; practice, talk about tradition tantrika (a term enough misunderstanding in the West) and the six main schools of Indian philosophy, one of them the yoga. Natalia Mank is a specialist in Indiologia, Sanskrit and philosophy and also in Indian classical dance, bharatanatyam, the Kalakshetra School of Performing Arts (Chennai, India). In 2010 he arrived in Madrid and practised Asthanga Yoga with José Caraballal and Rafael Martínez since then.

Reservations: Price: 100 euros

Where: Ashtanga yoga Mysore House

Address: Calle Santa Engracia, 70. under. Madrid

More information:

Intensive course of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Saturday 15 and 16 June. Teaches: Jovan Nicolich. Professor international of ashtanga vinyasa yoga, formed in india E -RYT200 / RYT500 with US Yoga Alliance. A theoretical and practical course for both teachers as students who want to improve their practice.

Opening hours: 9 to 13.30 and from 15 to 19.30 (16 hours)

Price: €120 limited

Contact: Tel 678463689 ·

Where: Samsara Yoga school

Address: C / Jorge Juan 147. Madrid

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Yoga & creativity day: "live without fear"

Yoga & creativity sessions are personal growth workshops for developing emotions using the benefits of yoga and creative expression. Each day we focus on a specific emotion to be aware of how it affects us and to transform our relationship with it.

On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to become aware of how fear conditions us and explore tools to cross it and transform it. We wake up the body and relax the mind with a series of exercises, reflections and meditations yogic, and elaborate the emotional needs that arise through art therapy and therapeutic theatre.

The workshops are suitable for anyone and do not require any previous experience in yoga or creative expression.

They offer: Daniel Gomis, teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Integral Yoga training | Anna Charlotte, entitled art therapist and Professor of therapeutic theatre for groups.

Price: 50 euros with advance booking

Contact and reservations: / Tel. 617 16 83 92

Where: Om Shanti

Address: C/Francesc Eiximenis 8, Girona

More information:

Day "Ayurvedic beauty secret"

Ayurveda, in Sanskrit, means "knowledge of life". It is one of the oldest medical systems and holistic to be conocen.nEn this workshop will look at the basic principles of Ayurveda and its origin in Vedic philosophies. We will learn the healing principles of different plants and apply that knowledge to the care of the skin.

It teaches: Antje Zemmin, Ayurveda therapist trained in (University of Bharathiyar, India)

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 14:00 pm

Reservation and information. Tf: 910 123 323 620 870 238. E-mail:

Where: Satkara Yoga Studio

Address: C / Moratín 7. Madrid

More information:

Greetings to the summer with Integral Yoga

To be happy we must maintain balance in body and mind. In the summer we need to compensate the increase of heat in the atmosphere. Shri Vivek yoga helps us to be healthy and happy. Its techniques help us to maintain the balance between body and mind.

Price: €20

Where: Center Prasad

Address: c/Industria, 96, entresuelo 1ª. Barcelona

More information:

Hatha Yoga Workshop in pairs

This workshop gives the opportunity to strengthen the relationship in a fun and enjoyable way. You will feel more United! In addition to improve balance, strength and flexibility, increases the degree of trust and communication in the couple. Exercises using the support and energy fellow, to deepen on asanas, breathing and yoga in general will be carried out.

Price: €25 information

Where: Centre of Oriental techniques Saada

Address: C/Ercilla, 46. Madrid

More information:

Sunday, June 16

A day of Mindfulness retreat

A meditation retreat is an opportunity to deepen the practice of Mindfulness and through them, in intimate contact with the mind. The psychological state directly influences the way of perceiving reality and determines the relationship with others.
The program is designed for people who have already had some approach to meditation techniques, either in schools or through one of our programs of mindfulness (who will find in this retreat a complementary practice), or our regular classes, or training courses. It is not required to have participated in another meditation retreat.

Material needed: A mat or mat non-slip type yoga. Clothing type sport, that is comfortable for the practices.

Price: The retreat has a price of €75 (lunch included).

Place: In the center of Zen Kay Hill, El Escorial (Madrid)

More information:

Retirement: Yoga, meditation, nature and healthy eating

Come share with us / as a week of Yoga in Catalan of l´emporda nature. Privilege of classes daily of yoga, delicious delicacies vegetarian gestures of time for relax you and adentrante in the charms of the landscape that surrounds the farmhouse. From 16 to 21 June.

Reservation Tel. + 34 972 363 111 · Fax + 34 972 363 227 ·


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Perform 108 (charity challenge) sun salutations

Cristina Rubio, Ana Mújica, Vanesa Muñoz, José Porto, David Gutiérrez, José Luís Capita and Carlos Córdoba will try to get the third challenge + solidarity: "108 yoga sun salutations".

All of them will practice these asanas for exactly 1 h and 48 min. on the roof of a building opposite the Retiro de Madrid at dawn one day more lengths of the year.

This wonderful challenge is one of the 9 challenges of the 1st Edition + solidarity 2013.

Time: 6.30 pm

Where: Terrace building. C/Alcalá, 95

More information at:

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