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If you think that every position that you do is perfect because you belong to a tradition of Original and true who has all the answers... you do not practice yoga; that is idolatry. Writes (and it's up to cane today) Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira.


Posture is only done in a way: correct.

Yoga is the ultimate truth because it is the basis of all religions and philosophical systems, since it is not exactly attached to none and is earlier in time, practice and philosophy to everyone else. So all the others are worse.

Yoga is better than science; of made the scientists what they actually do, from psychiatrists to neurobiologists and physicists quantum, through medical and physical, is to confirm what yoga has always said.

Practice yoga never never causes injuries because it cured absolutely everything.

The Ashtanga Vinyasa has thousands of years; It is the yoga that Patanjali in the mornings, before writing the Sutras.

Sanskrit is the word, the original language, the sound of the divinity materializing space and time, the more perfect.

These "noble truths", what are they?

If you are a sufi, the perfect language is Arabic; If Jewish, Hebrew; Yes lakota, the lakota; and if you read Don Quixote, Juan de la Cruz, Lope de Vega, Gabriel García Márquez, Octavio Paz, Neruda... feel that the Spanish, said Carlos I, is a language to speak with God.

Scientific thinking is an exceptional tool, although not all scientists engage in it. Not to mention the civilians, who we tend to be a bunch of superstitious that we have (for better and for worse) faith in a God called "Science" we neither know nor think.

The Ashtanga Vinyasa is so cool that even if it were an invention of the day before yesterday, and even if you have no idea of who was Patanjali or of their Sutras, you will receive your benefits if you practice with diligence, perseverance and good teachers.

Practicing yoga can cause injury because it consists of mobilizing the body to its natural limit, and is not always easy to perceive and manipulate a space so vast. And nothing by injury ever doing yoga. It's worse to not practice: injured more.

Yoga is not true. Or lying. Yoga does not exist. What can exist are you following physical, technical and mental health care instructions and experiencing them in the space of your body in the present moment.

Ah, but Yoga was not the product of divine revelation? Was not the process precipitated, condensate, squeezed the juice from the practice of generations of students who become venerable teachers who teach other students, always thin, flexible, remote, severe, bare, vegetarians, wise men, males, pranic and immortal?

Not is yoga the original male human (probably of extraterrestre-astral origin), written in DNA, only has remained pure in India, the mother of all cultures, languages and religions through sadhus supremely enlightened, hairy or walls attached to the ciruelillo?

Prepare chapati for your husband

David Swenson He told us - back in 2001 in a course at the Yoga Center of Madrid - a revealing anecdote. A woman who attended a workshop with it faulted him for not having done anything "spiritual" in a couple of days. The woman felt that all he had done was a physicist, to get it. None of meditation, mantras nothing, nothing of venerable traditional Indian yoga of all the life, of truth.

Although the Ashtanga Vinyasa is based on meditation from physical exercise, is that the woman had not caught it, and that for her, one thing was the body and the other the spirit. David answered: "If you want to follow the path of the traditional Indian yoga, you go home to prepare chapati for her husband, his in-laws and his sons. That is the way traditional Indian yogic for women. Is in the last generations when teachers as Krishnamacharya, Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois and his colleagues have changed this, so still not it has become traditional. It is an innovation."

If ultimately feel that you are doing something ancient, pure, passed from master to disciple continuously, emerging from the same creation, pristine, flawless, perfect. If you think that every position that you do, every attention to behavior, is the perfect because you belong to a tradition of Original and true who has all the answers... not practice yoga. That is idolatry.

Yoga practice helps clarify addictions; idolatry is an addiction. Yoga is a mirror, not a manual (pure, Millennium) of how it should be. Purest and Millennium to you there is nothing. You have the age of the universe more just a moment: this.

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Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira teaches yoga, blogger and writer.

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