Lessons from the dog upside down (or rainfed surf)

Another new installment of Yoga pirate, with his boldness, its some and his lucidity. This time it's up to the position of the dog looking down, or fast-track, the dog upside down.

Dog head down

You already think you know what it is. You think you know what happens. You can even teach him for years and think that you've revealed all its secrets. You know your feelings on the dog upside down as "me". Is like the smell of them cupcakes of the breakfast and Proust: everything is there. And indeed so is, but "all" was more, much more. It is always.

A setting. And suddenly "everything" is different. "I" is capable of living things different from what 'I' was before. This is called a crisis. Who is "I"? A Professor tells you: "what you put as rigid core?", "why not block shoulders?", but"stretches back...".

And you say you (voice of angry Thunder leaving biblical cloud): do that ME have hard core? What I do not lock the shoulders? I do not stretch the back? Look nene, I stretched the back until you had sperm flagellum (of course, this you censored it, for something you do Yoga) do I have the hard core? The only thing that I have rigid... (censored) What why not lock the shoulders I?

And it doesn't matter because another day another teacher will tell you that you do not adjust the bandhas or shoulders are not blocked as well.

Who gives Iyengar?

But, in the best of those cases, ALWAYS MUST pass this. Veteran senior Iyengar teachers are still living it. Out of the classes of the boss happily estupefactados. Has been made them meet their limits and their errors (and we are talking about teachers of senior Iyengar, the crème de la crème, flower and cream, the aristocracy of the aristocracy). That is why Iyengar being the Boss.

(Asked who gives Iyengar? is self-sufficient? do low clouds an angel to dry you sweat in their crisis?) It is a religious question I've always had. It is therefore the Boss.)

Actually only one thing is clear: the dog there is no upside down so that "I" does not exist. There is only a stream of comfortable mistakes (in the best of cases: remember the years that we had to spend so the myth "The dog upside down is a comfortable posture" became... more or less... reality) which are transformed into others.

And strangely, after the crisis, the dog upside down is more familiar. More endearing. It is more alive. He has quickened. Is it filled with experience. It shines.

I always say in class, how easy it is to do Yoga. In this paramundo of the mat are under intuitive analysis everything we are. Or to put it another way, We let ourselves be. Away from bills, duties, election... just "me" and practice mirror. In everyday life, it is difficult to find the perfect fit that flow toward the wisdom from the comfort and firmness. It is easier to find obstacles which blamed or blaming others. It is easier to stop being violent in the mat to at work or with those we love. Lost and rencontrarse in the dog upside down is a great experience to go by accepting the art of flow change. Surf of dry land.

Who is

Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira teaches yoga, blogger and writer.



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