Yoga in a Chair

Yogic postures are adapted to all persons, and of course also to those with physical limitations, as they are to those that need it most. Calle Ramiro and Isabel Morillo do us a show exclusively for Yoga network, with the commentaries of the first.

People elderly or with physical limitations can benefit from Yoga, even when it is not possible to remain upright. Also those who spend too much time sitting in an office or other place of work do not have to resign themselves to not be able to practice Asana yogic if they have a few minutes.

For three years I taught Yoga classes live in the first chain of Spanish Television, in relay for both Spain and many other countries. I spent some sessions, along with the teacher of Yoga Luisa Jimenez, to show the practice of the asanas on a Chair, which allowed him to many older people or with marked physical injury benefit from the asanas, as well as office workers and other workers who were few minutes in their professional field to execute them.

Positions of different groups can be in a Chair: side bending, torsion, bending forward, etc. In a few minutes the person can unlocked and avoid many tensions, twitches, and stress. It can also be helpful for people with spinal column disorders the asanas in a Chair and very little flexibility, then, once recovered some elasticity, already perform them without the same.

The requirements to run the position are:

  • Slow movements.
  • Driving position far as possible.
  • Keep it for 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Breathe calmly through the nose.
  • Be very attentive to the body.
  • Run progressive efforts and avoid the excessive.

YogaOficina1 (photo: Thor Castro)

1. lateral flexion posture

It exerts massage on intercostal, as the pancreas, liver, and spleen organs; It gives flexibility to the spine sideways; It strengthens the dorsal, pectoral muscles, trapezius and deltoids.

YogaOficina2 (photo: Thor Castro)

2 positions of torsion

They realign the spine and keep it youthful, elastic and resistant; They unlocked the back; they exercise the abdominal organs massage and promote digestion and evacuation; they induce a deep and restorative relaxation.

Yogaoficina4y5 (photo: Thor Castro)

3 position bending backwards (left)

It stretches the chest muscles; It favors the spinal cord and the brain functioning; It gives elasticity to the spine backwards; benefits the functioning of the kidneys.

4. bending forward position (top, right)

Provides extra blood to the brain to improve its functioning; It exerts a deep abdominal massage benefiting all the viscera of abdomen; It increases the capacity of memory and concentration.

YogaOficina5 (photo: Thor Castro)

5. bending forward posture with one leg over the other

In addition to all the effects of forward bending posture, strengthens and gives flexibility to the lower extremities, and benefits the sacrum and pelvic region.

Yogaoficina6 (photo: Thor Castro)

6 position of action on arms and shoulders

It stimulates the muscles pectoral and dorsal; favors and flexibility of the shoulder joint; It benefits the back and the spine; widens the rib cage.

YogaOficina7 (photo: Thor Castro)7 position of rear leg stretch

Spurs regions coccygeal, out and back; prevents lumbago and sciatica; It strengthens the muscles of the legs and at the same time gives them elasticity.

Calle Ramiro

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