6 reasons to advertise on Yoga network

1. Yoga network has been revealed as the portal independent of Yoga more visited in Internet (between) 900 and 1,500 visitors per day(, according to the information objective of Google Analytics) to level national, with 50,000 page views and more than 25,000 visitors to the month.

2 it is a plural and independent of any institution, school, style, ideology and religion. As medium of communication, is made by professional of the journalism and experts in Yoga, and its information is to the service of the health, the welfare, the solidarity, the ecology, the peace.

3. as support advertising, it arrives every day directly to a profile of people who want to learn and refine the techniques and tools of the Yoga, the meditation and the development Personal. And, by extension, to the lovers of the life healthy.

4. the online publication makes possible the upgrade and renewal of content in those periods of time appropriate for them readers and advertisers. The information focuses on specific people in the right time and place.

5. Unlike to a magazine on paper, a medium online can provide objective and verifiable data to measure their dissemination and their visits.

6. are sent two newsletters per week to come to the post of more 5,500 Subscribers, number that is growing every day.

If you want to unhide your services, ask us without commitment

Yoga in network you ensures multiply the visibility of your ideas, projects, Center, school, web, company or organization, or give to know fast and effectively your activities or products. Contact and you'll send information, without any commitment, about our services and rates.

We adapt to your needs of communication and to your budgets proposing you the options of communication more effective to the lower cost.

Contact with advertising of Yoga network in or by calling 616 015 933 and 629-833-632.

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