OM and Sakshi: States of consciousness and the witness consciousness

According to the Yogis, the human fluctuates between three States of consciousness, lives in three worlds, depending on which part of itself identifies. The proposal of the Yoga deep is transcend that constant fluctuate of them States of consciousness and set is in the fourth State. Eva Klimberg writes.


As sing Swami Sivananda: "I am witness of the three States, absolute existence, witness of the three States, absolute Bliss, witness of the three States, absolute consciousness. "I am Sat-Chid-Ananda". Affected by the constant fluctuating of the three gunas or cualidades-estado, the lower self is wobbled sheet how to wind...

First State of consciousness: Jagrat

During the waking state, Jagratin which he spent more time, we identify, we believe to be a body. We identify with the shapes and colors... with the information that we perceive through the senses (gnana indiyas) and that in what can impact through our organs of action (karma indriyas).

Our experience of the world and of ourselves is subject to the limitations of the physical space and time.

Everything that is not perceived by the senses and affected by our karma indiyas (the mouth that speaks, the cojen hands, feet walking, sex organs that generate life and excretion) is not part of our reality.

The majority of them humans believed that there just the life.

Identified with the color of hair, the width of the waist, are conditioned by it wrap physical (annamaya kosha) with all the limitations of this, so when us round the death, have much fear, fear to it unknown. Fear to lose it "only to have": the body physical (stula sharira).

Jagrat coincides with what in psychology we call State consciously or awake; a minimum part of the space of the psyche is underway here.

You feel poor, drowns, right?

Second State of consciousness: Swapna

Swapna It is the State of sleep with dreams. Is the State mental that we live the greater part of the night to the sleep. The body, abandoned (parked) on the bed is no longer limit ourselves. Already we depend not on the information of the senses (indriyas gnana), nor the mobility of the organs of action (karma indriyas).

De-identified are no longer a body subject to space-time. We are now a mind. In this State, identified with our subconscious, all the psychic load, impressions and memory will create a world where we can fly, be giant, small... We call it dreams.

The impressions gathered by the senses and the life experience of the karma indiyas have left an imprint on the mind. This mark more the experiences of all lives or reincarnations backwards occupy a broad mental space: the subconscious.

During the dream with reveries (swapna), the individual is identifies with his mind, and his experience during the dream is so real as in vigil. Indeed we know that will stimulate the same areas brain. Why the blacksmith who dreamed that he was a King, half his life for 12 hours was blacksmith and half King.

It is important to understand that all the psychic load contained in the subconscious conditions at the same time perception and experience in the conscious state. It stained, limits and requires...

This state of consciousness, explain the Yogis, occurs in the subtle body (sharira shuksma), with which we identify. Occurs in energetico-vital sheaths (pranomaya kosha), mental (manomaya kosha) and consciousness (vignanamaya kosha).

Third State of consciousness: Sushupti

The third State of consciousness by which we regularly is Sushupti or a State of deep sleep. De-identified body and mind, de-identified of space, time and ideas, we become free, connected with the knowledge that resides in our unconscious.

In Sushupti we identified not with sensory information, not with ideas, but with the intuition and wisdom which we are made. We identify with being. Not there is limitation of any kind. We are established in Sat-Chid Ananda. In our true nature. There is peace

During the State of intuitive consciousness, the Yogis explain that we identify with the causal body (karana sharira). This is the original body, and consists of a single wrapper also (anandamaya kosha) from which we can identify with the self or Atman. Beyond space and time and any physical or mental limitation beyond individuality, we feel United and fused with the entire universe.

This State cooling rests, soothes and relaxes the body and the subtle. Is essential to pass by this state of Sushupti, of dream deep without dreams, every night. Only connect with the source of life, in the causal body (original) keeps us alive.

The problem is that when woke up, not has been reflection of so much wisdom in us because to the wake return to be identified with it physical in Jagrat (vigil); the State of ignorance once again characterize our perception of the world and of ourselves.

Fourth State of consciousness: Turiya

The famous fourth State, TuriyaIt is the Supreme State. We could call it superconscious... Essentially, just as in Sushupti, the individual is identified with its essential nature. Is set in the be and sand fuses with it. The Yogis call it Samadhi; zen called Satori, and I deep peace of the soul. It is the final State of consciousness, in which the meditator is set to always, dispelling the veil of ignorance (Maya). Becoming free and happy.

When the individual reaches the State of fusion with cosmic consciousness you don't need to be reborn. Although many teachers return for love, to join us in the path of consciousness.

This is the destiny of all be alive. Also the rock... you will arrive.

The different States of consciousness arise in the same be essential. They are different ripples on the surface of the same ocean.

States of consciousness represented in the symbol Om (AUM)

His strokes are three letters of the Sanskrit alphabet a-u - m leaving for another occasion the deeper meaning of the mantra, we focus on the symbol.

The left upper curve represents Jagrat (waking, conscious dimension).
The left bottom curve represents Swapna (dream of dreams, subconscious dimension).
The right central curve represents Sushupti (deep sleep, unconscious dimension).

Those three States fluctuate. The point upper right represents Turiya (Samadhi-dimension superconscious).

The line that separates the point of the central body of the symbol is Maya, the veil of illusion or ignorance that keeps us "asleep" and ignorant of our true nature, which makes us feel separated and prevents us from setting us in the fourth estate.

The symbol has other many and very beautiful interpretations.

Sakshi, consciousness witness

Yoga, relaxation and meditation bring us closer to the State of Sushupti...

  • When the body is stilled, deeply relaxed and their boundaries disappear...
  • When the breath flowing natural and leisurely, harmonized the prana...
  • When the disinterested senses of the phenomenal world, turn inward and mind purifies its contents and is muted effortlessly...

To the appear the consciousness witness Sakshi, We are building the State of liberty (Sushupti).

The Yogis have been blessed with a knowledge millennial that us allows create, through the sadhana, Sakshi / Sushpti, a State of consciousness witness such that can build peace inside. Not everyone can.

Sakshi is that State of consciousness or the presence sustained. It is an attitude that allows us to observe the body so that we recognize to be the body.

Sakshi us positions in an attitude that see to the mind move is between stimuli internal (subconscious) and external and recognize not be that function mental. Sakshi have a panoramic view of bird we look the film represented on the screen and recognize to be a spectator not affected, not identified.

Sakshi is a presence status that comes from the aspect satwico (pure) of Buddi (discriminating consciousness). It comes from the harmony of the higher mind.

This attitude, Sakshi, is our partner for creating Sushupti, thus accessing the vast and unlimited knowledge that rests in our unconscious. Sakshi in this knowledge Springs intuitive burst that will show you the elegant way of life.

Eva Klimberg It is forming Professor of psychology and deep philosophy of Yoga in various formations of teachers, with more than 20 years of experience. Director of Yoga Art Studio in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. He gives workshops, lectures and retreats throughout the national territory.

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