Travel & intensive Yoga in India with Silvia Jaén

Del 16 al 30 de septiembre, Silvia Jaén y Boom Shankar Viajes te invitan a un inolvidable viaje espiritual y cultural a la India para conocer la cuna del Yoga y para profundizar en la práctica yóguica personal gracias a un Curso intensivo de Yoga. Escribe Sita Ruiz.

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En este viaje de 15 días, combinaremos un Intensive Yoga course impartido por Silvia Jaén, con visitas culturales, otras actividades en grupo y, por supuesto, con tiempo libre de relax.

We will begin in the huge Delhi, the capital of the country. A city full of contrasts and diversity and miscegenation, visiting both his old part "Old Delhi" and the most recent, "New Delhi". Hence, start to Haridwar where will we participate in one of the "Ganga Aarti" most exciting and popular of the India.

We will continue towards the neighbouring Rishikesh, dubbed "The capital of Yoga". This another Holy City will give us the Himalayan breeze, the beauty of the Ganges and the energy of the Yogis, ashrams, the sadhus and pilgrims. And in this incomparable, almost all of the training of Yoga will be taught.

We will make a stop near forests of Dehradun to stand for part of it experienced and to finish the course. The following destination we take to Himachal Pradesh, closer still in the Himalayas, specifically Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama, of the Government of Tibet and thousands of Tibetans in exile. We will go to the interior of the Punjab to get to know Amritsar, "the Holy City of the Sikhs" and the amazing "Golden Temple". Finally, we will end up in the vibrant Delhi, the city that never sleeps, to live intensely our last day in India and putting well point and end to this great adventure.

Over the course of Yoga

El Curso de Yoga tendrá lugar en la ciudades de Rishikesh y Deharadun, situadas al norte de la India. Consta de un total de 30 hours and it will be a combination of practical and theoretical sessions. It will allow the practitioner on the one hand placed in the environment in which the Yoga was developed and, on the other hand, extend practical and theoretical knowledge encompassing the practice yogic. Through asanas, pranayama and meditation, you can get a wide field to discover in terms of feelings and subtlety is concerned.

We will be surrounded by mountains and the air of the Himalayas, we can meditate on the banks of the sacred Ganges River, participate in ceremonies and sacred rituals or incredible sunrises and unforgettable sunsets, as we go deeper and discover new keys and tools to make our own personal sadhana.

Who is the travel and course?

Practitioners of Yoga, all levels, who want to deepen and broaden their personal practice but also to all those people who wish to start or approaching a way different, personalized Yoga and an incomparable as it is India.

It is important to clarify that it is not a teacher training course, but a personal yogic training course and that, at the end of it, all participants will receive a diploma and a certificate of attendance.

¡Bienvenidos a India!


SilviaJaenIndiaSilvia Jaén He is Professor of Hatha Yoga with more than 15 years dedicated to the education and training of teachers and 20 years of personal practice. His passion for Yoga and desires of wanting to continue learning and deepening, came you to the Iyengar tradition certainly marked and influenced his way of practice, understanding and show Yoga.

It has had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the India on numerous occasions and this will be the third trip in group that organizes together with Boom Shankar travels.

Today, gives private and group classes as well as courses and intensive both in Madrid and in other cities in Spain. Directs its own training of teachers of Yoga, participates as forming in different schools and centers and has published articles in several media digital related with the Yoga and the development staff. Your web staff is

Price: €1395 / person (international flight Madrid-Delhi / Delhi-Madrid not included).

If you are interested in, ask us the Dossier full of the trip as well as the program of the course of Yoga!

Deadline to sign up to the July 15, 2016

Más información y reservas: Boom Shankar Viajes. (José Ferrer and Sita Ruiz)

910 840 652 t / 620 916 039 -

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